Mission of Real Continuitymission

The mission of Real Continuity is to help you develop a resilient business continuity program while minimizing anxiety, B.S. and stress.

Real Continuity is written from the vantage point of a seasoned BC professional (who happens to love to write) on the front line. The result is a newsletter packed with practical ‘boots on the ground’ ideas, tips, techniques and resources.

Real Continuity is not intended to replace the fundamental knowledge we derive from organizations such as DRI and BCI. Real Continuity builds on that critical core information with real-world experiences that have worked and not worked.
For example, BIA can mean ‘Business Impact Analysis or ‘Bit In Ass’. Maybe you have experienced both while developing your program – I know I have. I have the scars to prove it.
I will share all of my experiences both good and bad. Hopefully you will share some of your anecdotes. Real Continuity is about honesty and paying it forward.

Your input is as critical as a <1 hour RTO process. We each have strengths that we can leverage as a community. It is exciting to imagine the aggregate knowledge we bring to the table and can share to solve business continuity problems. If you have cool tips, techniques or ideas that have worked for you and you would like to share them (with credit to you) please let me know. Here is how to submit for publication in Real Continuity.